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Microsoft Office 2013 is the vast change and Microsoft has made its main product since the introduction of the Ribbon. Microsoft Office 2013, the latest edition of Microsoft’s flagship productivity suite and it is available for all business customers, but won’t go on sale to the customers until the first quarter of 2013.

It first focuses on the desktop and laptop applications, which you will be capable to buy either on their personal or as part of the cloud-connected Office suite.

Both the Office 365 package and Office 2013 provide online document storage and assistance. Only two differences between Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 users get additional online storage and use for the small Business options, its add-ons such as shared HD video conferencing and calendars.

In another way, Microsoft Office 2013 for the highly touted cloud features, several useful improvements of the new Office desktop applications.

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