Goggle brings new features Hum to Search

Goggle launched a new feature for the users. Its a great news for song listeners. The name of new feature is “ Hum to Search ”.

This feature is just makes song listener’s life more easier. This hum to search feature is already available in Android, iOS and Google apps.

  • In this feature when users or listener humming, whitelisting or Just sing a middle lyrics of song, the feature just works in 10-20 second for identify the correct song.
  • Goggle said that they set the algorithm such way whenever a listener wants to listening his or her favorite song, it will search the correct song.
  • The feature is just a magic where you can find your song which is badly stuck in your mind. It may b in High demand because over 100 million listeners use different types of music apps.
  • “Hum to search is brings new innovation in this feature ” according to Google.
  • The feature is now available in 20 languages. It will be add more languages in future.
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