Goggle brings new features Hum to Search

Goggle launched a new feature for the users. Its a great news for song listeners. The name of new feature is ā€œ Hum to Search ā€. This feature is just makes song listener’s life more easier. This hum to search feature is already available in Android, iOS and Google apps. In this feature when users […]

What is your favorite smartphone going into 2017?

I want to talk about your favorite smartphone for 2017. Now 2016 is almost over today’s in December twenty seconds I write this article. So I’m not really worried about 2016 but Iā€™m more worried about 2017 and of course a lot of the smartphones are going to carry over from 16 to 17. So […]

25+ Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 7

Essential iPhone 7 Tips and Tricks

Today I would like to share over 25 plus tips tricks and features for the IPhone 7. IPhone 7 is a fantastic smartphone and when you spend a load of money for a phone like this. It is essential to master as many tips and tricks as you can so as to enhance your use […]