15 simple, secret Windows tips and tricks designed to save you time

Here is a list of the most valuable PC tips that I am sure everybody will appreciate. There are PC tips for the both new and advanced users.

Don’t Mess With IT

In case you are not good with PC at that point kindly don’t go for changing default settings. People touch things they shouldn’t and cause issues. Most of the time if you use computer without changing its default setting, at that point your PC will run easily and without issues. This is the best PC tip that everybody should take care.

Most Used Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows key + D to bring up the desktop

Windows key + E to open my computer

CTRL+C to copy something after you have selected it

CTRL+V to paste it after you have clicked on the position where you want to paste it

CTRL+ALT + DEL to open the Windows Task Manager

CTRL and A to select the full text on the page

CTRL + Z to undo what had u done.

 Zoom In and Out

Press the CTRL key and the + or – key to zoom in or zoom out. You can do this wherever on your PC. On the other hand, if you have a mouse, you can press the CTRL key and rotate the wheel over the mouse to zoom in and out. This element is extraordinary for individuals who don’t have touch screens and need to see something on their screen in a bigger view.

Taking a Snapshot of Your Screen

Simply say you need to take a photo of something you are working with at on the screen, you should simply need to do this:

Press the Print Screen key. Open paint or Photoshop and paste it in there by Ctrl+V.

Viewing Installed Drivers on Your Computer

If you want to see your installed drivers just go to your start button and type cmd. Then type driverquery and press enter button. Now you can see your all the installed drivers.

Find Your Root Directory

The root directory on a PC is the place where the fundamental records are put away, including the Windows system. With a few PCs you will require administrative privileges to remove or add an application.

To get to the root index on your PC, basically go to the start menu and click on a computer or simply go to my computer. There you will find your main hard drives, which is normally called C drive. This is probably the name of the drive that is holding the main part of the pc records and to open it you just need to double tap on the drive.

All the important system records are stored in the system32 folder. Double click on C drive.

Then double click on windows folder.

Next scroll down your navigation bar and you will find system 32 folder.

To show the directory root you can just type %SYSTEMROOT%\System32 into the start menu and the folder 32 will appear.

 Paste Text into A DOS CMD Window

You know when you are following an instructional exercise and it expects you to utilize the DOS cmd, well no issue. Not any more manual writing the command, now you can simply right click and paste it.


Nowadays there are two types of hard drives. To perform perfectly on your hard drive you have to know whether you have a SSD or a HDD. For instance, a SSD does not should be defragged and a Magnetic hard drive does. To check whether your hard drive is SSD or HDD follow the instructions.

Go to the start menu and click my computer. Right click on the hard drive you need to explore. Click properties from the menu.

Go to the Hardware tab and you will see your hard drive there.

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